Blog. Type. Collaborate. Contribute. Interact. Learn. Grow. Our free commission system by ALTOYOU is open to bloggers of all skill levels. We offer you the chance to earn more money from your existing advertising partners; all you need to do is to use our system 100% free and let your advertisers link up with you and load their just copy it in your blog and start earning a % on all sales you provide. 

Go Bloggy

Welcome, all.

Not sure what it means but curious? Masterful programming are like fireflies: one must capture them immediately or risk chasing and losing sight of them forever.  ALTOYOU is made to help the entire blog and media  industry capitalise.

Our forum is a place for bloggers to share, contribute, and interact about the ALTOYOU platform. We want you to learn from each other and collectively grow. Post your feedback freely.

Our bloggy presentation is open to all who willingly hit the keyboard. One condition: New members, sharing is caring. Consider it a bloggy way of passage.


Just go bloggy it.